Justin Sun Tpunk sells for over $10,000,000!💰💰💰💰

Tpunks story

  • Tron’s twist on the original Crypto punks are flying high and fast this week as prices reach $10,000,000. With action picking up steam after minting was completed last week things are looking to be on the Up and Up for the Tron community. Tron punks or Tpunks have managed to bring an otherwise fractioned Tron community together in amazing fashion and it shows when you look at the market. People from all over the world, of all different ages and all different backgrounds are coming together to jump into Tron's cheaper and faster alternative to the original crypto punks. While some of us may have missed the boat on the OG punks, Tpunks gives us another chance to own a piece of crypto history and it allows you to do so with out spending hundreds of dollars on GAS fees just to buy, sell or send your NFTs.(I know this first hand after joining the #Dogepound this week😅, $50 in GAS fees later I was finally able to have my NFT).

Why choose Tpunks?

  • In Tpunks short time being here it has already laid the foundation to be an everlasting part of the Tron community. This can be seen through the support of all the “Tron OGs” as well as through the partnerships being formed within the Tron ecosystem. Tpunks was able to form strategic partnerships with multiple teams building on Tron including @PrimoToken and @Tronnetworkshop. Through Tpunks Partnership with @Tronnetworkshop people are able to create their own merchandise using their personal Tpunk ID. Anyone can create anything they want ranging from T-shirts, shorts, hats or even decals that have your personal Tpunk on it so everyone can see your beautiful Tpunks NFT in real life and not just in the digital world!

How do Tpunks stats hold up against other NFTs

  • According to Dappradar.com Tpunks is the #1 rated Tron NFT out and with a recent volume of over $200,000 on 8/23/21 it placed just behind NBA Topshot and the original Crypto punks

Tpunks Highlights

  • First well established NFT project on Tron
  • Independent project not owned by Justin Sun or the Tron Foundation
  • Huge community support from Tron OGs as well as some small support from Justin sun via tweets
  • Cheaper, faster alternative for those who missed the OG punks
  • Partnerships within the Tron ecosystem
  • Tpunk merchandise available!
  • 11 unique Justin Sun Tpunks to be had

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